What Is Horse Thermography and the Benefits to Your Steed


We all wish that our steeds could inform us where they are hurting since it would make our lives so a lot less complicated. It allows us to See the discomfort, which allows us to deal with the horse much more properly.

What is Thermography?

Thermography is the use of a thermographic imaging video camera which houses infrared imaging scientific research to give a graph of the temperature of an object. By using a colour scale, we can clearly see the warmth variants of an item/ individual/ animal in the picture, this photo is called a thermogram.

Just how we utilize thermography in the equine world

Thermography is useful for the equine owner, veterinarian and equine therapist as it can detect extremely small changes in temperature level. The human hand can find a boost in temperature of about 2-3º whereas an infrared video camera can identify differences of 0.5 º.


Thermography can highlight an area of inflammation prior to there is any professional proof such as lameness or swollen joints as well as can discuss a reduction in the horse’s efficiency or changes in behavior.

By detecting a location of injury or condition early we greatly minimize the danger of considerable injury or condition as it permits it to be treated before a condition develops into something a lot more serious.


Prevention is much better than a remedy. Regular scanning of an equine even if no concerns exist, or scanning a steed after an event is indispensable for early detection of possible troubles – identifying an injury as early as feasible is the key to preventing further injury.


By checking a horse whilst it is in recuperation we can analyze exactly how an injury is replying to treatment and also when the horse is gone back to work we can observe just how the injury is reacting to function, this permits you to change workloa

We all want that our hawkthermography steeds might tell us where they are harming due to the fact that it would certainly make our lives so much less complicated. It is infamously hard to identify an injury till it has potentially evolved right into something much more serious … But we can be revealed where the pain is with Thermography. It allows us to See the pain, which enables us to treat the equine extra effectively.

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